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Mr. S., senior marketing exec here, just sent me a video to watch. It was about a blind man with his tin can and a sign: ‘I’m blind, please help me’. He was collecting just pennies. Along came a woman who cared. She rewrote the sign to read ‘It’s a beautiful day, and I can’t see it. Will you help me?’ and the money started coming.

Here it is:

Moral of the story: its not what you say, but how you say it. Nice video, nice message.

Who produced this piece of work? It was actually an ad for an advertising company, who were trying to explain why they were needed: to say things right. Because its not just what you say, but how you say it.

Egad! Why aren’t these folks drinking their own fruit punch? I went around and asked some reasonably bright folks ‘Can you tell me what the creators of this video are trying to do?’. The answers were intriguing, but no one said ‘They are selling their service’. Not one. No one got it. What a waste!

Marketing is a bus with only one destination: get people to want to buy. The vehicle may be entertaining or it may be boring. But if you successfully arouse a desire to buy in the reader, you have done the job. If you have not, you belong in Hollywood, not Manhattan. You are merely an entertainer.

You ask me why would someone be interested if the clip does not create any dramatic effect?
My answer is that the person is already interested, before reading your ad. He or she already wants to save money or have thin thighs. You need merely to explain to them how they can achieve that. Nothing can be as interesting to someone as a goal they think about fourteen times a day.

So to recap: marketing means getting someone to want to buy. And it usually involves presenting a solution to a problem vexing the reader. Thats all. Anything else is likely to be Entertainment.

If the video is fascinating and thought provoking, but completely does not do what it was intended to – to SELL!! This is what is so wrong with advertising today – it has become a creative art form, but doesn’t do anything. Imagine someone designing a car that looked awesome but didn’t run. How fast would they be out of a job??

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