The Usual: Spammy Link Requests

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Him: 800px Sean the spammer e1359490764354 The Usual: Spammy Link Requests

From: Brandon Murphy
Sent: Monday, January 28, 2013 7:33 AM
To: Mac
Subject: Re: Gift Card Contact Form

Name: Brandon Xyz

Email Address:

Message: Hello, I wanted to reach out to inquire about the possibility of advertising on your blog in the form of sponsored guest posts. Either I can have content written or you can write content that is relevant to your audience and helps to promote our client’s service. We then pay for that post and the opportunity to have exposure to your readers. If this is something you can do, please email me. Thank you, -Brandon Xyz



On Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 1:14 AM, Mac <> wrote:

Sure thing, Brandon. Check out my hangups here:

240px No spam.svg  The Usual: Spammy Link Requests


Thank you for responding  and we are happy to hear that you are interested. What we are looking to do is guest blog on site like yours. We will provide you fresh content written by our professionals. Posts could be about clothing, fashion, eyewear, sports like wakeboarding, snowboarding, climbing, surfing, skateboarding, etc. So, if your website niche is other than these mentioned above then we will add you in our waiting list and will contact you as soon as we have related clients and articles for you.

We would be able to pay(as per your website Page Rank)  per post with 2 permanent do follow links. The post frequency will be 2-3 a week depending on what is available if you are interested, more or less is always an option depending on what you would like. We have many partners always looking to guest blog, and we have a few that would go well with your blog and your audience, would that be something that you would be interested in doing?

How we determine what to pay:
PR 1- $5 per post
PR 2- $10 per post
PR 3- $15 per post
And so forth….

Also, as your PR goes up so does the payment for future post…. let me know what you decide…

Thank you


Don’t bother….

(I do link out and I do host guest bloggers. But this guy was too clueless – he had no idea what my blog is about, no idea if it was a fit or not, and no idea of even my ranking. Its just sad!)

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