Optimization, AB Testing and Targeted Marketing – SMX Israel 2013

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Adam Tal:
Focus only on results by:
1. Setting clear goals,
2. Finding the right customers,
3. Giving them what they want!

Its THAT simple!
How to find the right customers:
A. Find out what people are asking – get the top five questions by searching for keywords in the Google keyword tool. See what it suggests.
B. Convert keywords into questions. If your search returns ‘piano, easy’, create a question with it: ‘are piano lessons easy?’.
C. Create an ad on adwords asking the question directly.
D. Create a landing page that answers the specific question; ‘are piano lessons easy?’. Even though you are selling piano lessons in general, prepare a page specifically answering the question posed. The adwords ad will lead directly to this page.

Your Happy Customer BUYS!!

On another topic altogether; Chrome has this extension: Sniffer. This extension allows you to find out what any given website is running – which platform is it using and what are the the plugins that make it perform what it does. This way you can obtain similar effects.
Trick question for SEOs: How does one use text that provides SEO benefit – it allows googlebot to understand what the page is all about, yet without causing the page to become too texty and spammy, (as is often the case!)?

A. The solution is to create a double-layer page; the upper, visible layer contains a lightbox big enough to cover the entire page, with contains t he functional parts that you want people to see, the under-layer contains the keyword text. A good example of this is a travel site that allows people to search for flights. The best pages are clean-looking, with little text, however Google will never rank you for that page unless there is text there. So the resolution is to put the travel search engine in the lightbox on top, and thats what people get when they come to your website, so they leave happy and are helped, yet underneath put in the travel terms you wish to rank for, so that you are good with Google too.

On The Olde Subject Of Conversion…

Conversion Tip: To maximize conversion: leave out any sign-in form; the less info people need to give you the more safe they feel.

Case studies for conversion:
Dell added an icon, added 8% conversion forĀ  them.
(It made the page clearer and let the user understand what will happen after they click on that button)
Changing the delivery person on UPS to an Asian added 30%, changing to a female Asian gained another 15%, altogether 45%!!
Having a 2-page process, with one page leading into the other instead of one long form – 15% increase.
Where the benefit was shouted out in a special red circle: 148% increase!!
Do test: headlines, ethnicity of the people pictured, image sizes, # of steps needed, and being more explanatory about what will happen next (what are the next steps, and what will happen when you do x) and special offers shout-outs.
Using login via Facebook works, because it makes login easier, only one step.

A-B Testing
Visual Website Optimiser: this tool makes it easy to do AB testing on your site. Also great is optimizely. Google allows for AB testing, (read all about it right Here) as does UnBounce.

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