Getting Real Money From A Gift Card

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I have a gift card for a specific store, and I need cash. Is there any way to get real money for my card?

1. Sell it to someone who uses it. If its a friend, they will give you its full value – heck, they were going to spend that at the store anyhow. If its a stranger they can give you anywhere from 30% to 90% of its value. What does it depend on? How much your card is in demand, and occasionally how risk-free is the exchange for him. There is a difference between buying of Craigslist, where no offense to them – the transaction is a bit iffy, and buying with a backup guarantee, like off Amazon. Differences like that have a way of expressing themselves in prices.

What? You say you don’t know anyone to sell to? Ok. Here is where to start:

2. Pass it on. Same as what you do with the ugly artificial flowers Aunt Betty sent you. In saving the money you would have spent on a gift, you are practically putting cash back into your pocket. Counting out the cash and placing it on the table for five minutes, then pocketing it again, will create the right effect. Be decent: don’t give it to another poor fellow who cannot use it. Give it to someone who loves coffee, if its a Starbucks card. You get the idea!

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